The Magic of Fantasy

Magic, magical, fantasy, thrillers, spooky, and scary are all words that tell us we are about to enter a new world were we have never been. Fantasy can be scary with witches, faeries, vampires, wicked princes and princesses, wizards, alchemists, and magical creatures of all kinds. These are all words that let’s us know right away that we are in for a fantastical ride through magical countries, strange cultures, beings that may not look like us at all, and there is always danger for the characters

The magic of fantasy, like we find in Harry Potter, Cinderella, Snow White, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and more modern stories like The Game of Thrones, lives in these stories and hundreds of other magical books.  These stories are all fantastical, magical books that take us, whether we want to or not, to other worlds and we are spirited away, having been put under the spell of these magic worlds. They evoke wonder in our imagination, just like The Witch, The lion, and The Wardrobe, still does, to countless children and adults too. Hidden well within all of these magical fantasies, are lessons for life, even moral values, rights and wrongs, and told in such away, that we believe when we are told, ye dare not cross a faery, woe is ye, less ye find, ye hath been turned into a frog! 

Fantasy Magic

Fairy Tales are full of Magic, Fairies, Witches, Warlocks, and Evil Sorcerers. They are enchanting stories. Magic comes in many forms, like rainbows, and who is to say that Witches who study nature are not magical too.  Our world is full of different kinds of Magic, Wonder, and the Unknown. Many of us, have experienced unusual phenomena from time to time or maybe, none of us have really grasped the reality we live in.